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On October 23, 24 and 25, the staff of Widherco attended a technical days organized by Iraupen in the production plants of two of its principal brands, URMA and DÜMMEL, located in Switzerland and Germany respectively.

Personnel from some of the main customers of Iraupen in the North zone also assisted on these technical days.

The trip began on the 23rd and 24th with the visit to Dümmel, a first level German manufacturer in micro turning tools, grooving, milling and broaching systems, attendees were able to visit their new and most modern production plant located in Hülben in south of Germany, equipped with the latest manufacturing technology  and also regarding energy sustainability.

At the Dümmel plant, the assistants received a complete training at the theoretical and practical level of Dümmel’s latest innovations in Turning, milling and surface finishing.

The occasion was also used to visit the spectacular museum owned by the Dümmel family.

On the same day, 24 in the afternoon, the entourage moved to Switzerland to continue with the training at URMA, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of boring and reaming systems.

Once in URMA, attendees could also visit the modern manufacturing plant located in Rupperswil, near Zurich, where they observed the innovative production processes used by URMA in all its products.

At the same time, the theoretical and practical training of its star products were also carried out, highlighting the RX reaming systems and their latest innovations, such as Small.

The day ended with a visit to the city of Lucerne where the visitors were able to sail with a spectacular tourist boat trough the Lucerne’s wonderful natural lake.

This trip ended with a dinner at a prestigious restaurant in the area.

From Widherco, we would like to thank Iraupen, URMA and DÜMMEL for taking us in these interesting days at the facilities of two of the most important brands and of which Widherco is an official distributor for Catalonia.

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